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Founder and co-Author of his newly released publication, “The Hypnotic Coach,” Daniel Rose is a highly effective 30 + year clinical Hypnotist.  His effective skill set, genuine care and proven success, has gained him much respect among the mainstream and alternative medical communities and has made him often a top choice hypnotist by these professionals.

Daniel Rose, CHT

30+ Year Hypnotist / Author

Hypnotherapy* Programs Include:

  • Stop Smoking*
  • Weight Loss*
  • Stress, Anxiety and Fears*
  • Getting a Better Night Sleep*
  • Hypnotic Coaching*
  • Depression* and more...

Transform Your Life Today with Hypnosis*

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*No guarantee of specific results and individual results may vary.

Why do clients come from near and far to see Daniel Rose?


Daniel Rose has honed the craft of helping people to tap into the power of the subconscious mind through hypnosis which can help them to grow and achieve the very best of what life has to offer.


Daniel, a special needs father himself is empathetic and sincere in his approach to helping others achieve the change they seek to make. He coordinates the best possible treatment plan for individual clients’ coming to our practice and those from our fellow doctor referred patients.


Daniel has a genuine care for his client’s that humble him by their trust and transformations. People often say that, “he has an excellent bedside manner.” This coupled with his excellent communication skills put a client’ at ease, making it easier for them to openly communicate past and present challenges as well as future goals - laying the groundwork for a powerful hypnosis session resulting in positive change.


Daniel conducts individual hypnosis sessions, delivers group sessions and is a renowned public speaker utilizing profound hypnotic demonstrations to solidify ones conviction to make positive life changes. His unique ability to help people reach their deepest level of hypnotic trance directly correlates to medical studies that suggest “greater states of hypnotic trance produce more effective results.”  Having mastered the skill of instant hypnosis, the majority of the client’s Daniel sees are able to achieve the greatest results in the shortest period of time.

Transform Your Life Today with Hypnosis*

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*No guarantee of specific results and individual results may vary.

Alternative therapies are increasingly mingling with mainstream medicine and physicians and their staff are giving patients the option to complement their care with procedures that include hypnotherapy.


If you are not fully ready, Daniel will make himself available for a free in person or phone consultation so that you can get a feel for his personality and approach prior to scheduling a session.

Transform Your Life Today with Hypnosis*

Call Today 973-402-6882

*No guarantee of specific results and individual results may vary.



Hypnosis is a pleasant state of mind that is brought about by 'imagining' a series of progressively more relaxing images and situations.  It has been described as 'guided daydreaming' and is a very relaxed and pleasant state.  It is rather similar to being completely absorbed in your favorite book or movie, or perhaps you have that experience when you have been driving your car and arrived at your destination without quite knowing how you got there!


Although you may not have realized it, there have been many times in your life when you have already felt what it is like to ‘be in hypnosis’ however you haven’t labeled it. Hypnosis is a natural phenomenon which daydreaming and becoming absorbed in something you are doing are just a couple of ways you have ‘felt’ hypnosis before.


When we enter into the absorbed state of hypnosis, we can use our thoughts, talents and experiences in ways not usually available to us. With the help of a trained professional, we can develop innate, individual abilities that enable making desired changes in our thoughts, feelings and behaviors possible.



*No guarantee of specific results and individual results may vary.

Advanced Care Hypnosis Programs

Below are the most common life issues, we see people for. Call us for details on any other program needs.

Weight Loss*

Through hypnosis we can help you to identify and address the emotional habits and behavioral issues behind your weight gain. You will be provided with a simple but powerful road map to attain and sustain your optimum weight. Hypnosis can help by helping you reprogramming your subconscious mind so that you will have less difficulty choosing healthier food options and portion size over time.

Stop Smoking*

In 1992, the magazine New Scientist decided to check out the claims of hypnosis and conducted a now famous large scale study, comparing all the well known quit smoking methods. It was found that hypnotherapy was the most effective method by an impressive margin.  If you want to give up smoking but need help in getting through the chemical and emotional withdrawal stage, hypnosis can help. The key is you must be ready to quit, if you really are not ready to quit but you are hoping that hypnosis will change your mind for you, it may not be effective.

*No guarantee of specific results and individual results may vary.

Stress and Anxiety*

Through hypnosis, the subconscious mind can be reprogrammed to provide you with natural stress relief. Our subconscious is wired to release stress hormones, but it is also wired to release chemicals that can help calm us. With hypnotherapy, the subconscious is directed to release these anxiety inducing hormones less often, allowing you to gain a more stable state of mind.

We will help you find and better deal with the emotional cause of the stress and then through visualization you will be able to reduce your stress over time. Once the emotion involved in these experiences has been released you can be in better control of your daily stress.

Fears and Phobias*

Through the use of hypnosis, we are able to help clients realign their subconscious reactions with reality. During the hypnosis session many of our clients experience a feeling of well being and relief. None of us were born with anxiety, panic, fears or phobias therefore anything that can be learned can also be unlearned over time.

We can help find and reduce the emotional cause of the phobia and then can help to change the client’s perception of past events, lowering the stress those past events present. Once the emotion involved in these past experiences has been released the client can start to regain control of their life.

*No guarantee of specific results and individual results may vary.


Hypnosis is soothing and deeply refreshing and revitalizing in itself. During a session, the subconscious mind will be directed to allow you to relax and enjoy a deep refreshing sleep each night, the sleep that everyone else simply takes for granted. Trying to sleep is the worst thing you can do because it just causes tension. In genral hypnosis is aimed partly at getting you to stop tying to sleep and to get you to simply enjoy unwinding and relaxing deeply in bed. This is the key to natural sleep.


Hypnosis has become recognized as a potentially effective treatment for many individuals with depression when practiced over time. Hypnosis for depression can help address the underlying cause as well as help individuals find much more effective coping behaviors. Clients find using self-hypnosis as maintenance and self-care tools on a regular basis to help lift their spirits and as a results, feel less depressed.

*No guarantee of specific results and individual results may vary.


Hypnosis can help you to learn how build your own self confidence so that you can take positive steps toward living the life you always wanted. Over time Hypnosis also can help you to reduce stress and anxiety when it comes to public speaking, meeting with clients, taking exams and much more. Most of us know that when you are feeling confident your your stress level tends to be much lower and in turn you may be far less anxious and tend to perform at your full potential. Hypnosis can help you to be more focused thus affording you with the opportunity to present your thoughts in a clear and confidant manner that will make others pay attention and respect and respond to you in a positive manner.

Hypnosis Coaching*

Tired of endless therapy? Disappointed with traditional personal coaching? Then you might be ready for Hypnotic Life Coaching from Advanced Care Hypnosis. This exciting breakthrough could be the next generation of personal development and is growing in popularity in the US and UK. It combines conscious insight with subconscious focus and can help you to make positive changes that can improve your day to day interactions. We will provide you with a practical plan to apply to just about any area of your life.

*No guarantee of specific results and individual results may vary.

Holiday Stress*

For many people the holidays are full of fun times, loving family connections, joy and rest. But for some the holidays bring up issues of anxiety, stress, addiction, painful memories or grief. Hypnosis can be used as a wonderful tool to balance negative thought patterns and behaviors which allow us to be present in the moment experiencing greater peace, joy and bliss. Many clients find that through hypnosis, the techniques learned can help them to stay focused and lower their stress during the holidays.


When you find yourself feeling frazzled and stressed, take a time out to practice self-hypnosis or mindfulness meditation. Just 5-10 minutes a day can help the body/mind connection to unwind and brings greater peace and clarity to the day. Learning self-hypnosis techniques specialized for your needs from a trained professional can help to make a positive change in your life over time.


Clients find using these techniques as maintenance and self-care tools during the holidays can help them to stay focused on the tasks at hand, lower their stress and stay in the flow.

Fear of public speaking*

With Hypnosis you can learn how to build your own self confidence and start to live the life you always wanted. You can reduce stress and anxiety when it comes to public speaking, meeting with clients, as well as hanging out with friends, and hitting it off big with the opposite sex. When you are confidant your stress level is much lower and you will be less anxious and be more focused. There are a number of reasons why individuals may suffer from a fear of public speaking, including lack of confidence/self-esteem, self-consciousness, fear about making a mistake, saying the wrong thing or falling over, fear of being the center of attention, being in an unfamiliar situation, fear of being laughed at, fear of forgetting what to say, fear of being judged and more but most of these can be overcome in time with self-hypnosis.


When people feel nervous about speaking in front of a group, they are usually nervous because they are uncertain about whether they will do well or do poorly.


Hypnosis has been found to be helpful for those suffering with a fear of public speaking as they gain more confidence and mental focus. As you build your confidence levels and this can allow you to remain calm and relaxed, while developing new positive ways of thinking and feeling. Hypnosis aims to seek out the root cause of your anxiety by accessing the subconscious part of your mind that is triggering the fear to help reduce stress overall.

*No guarantee of specific results and individual results may vary.

Fear of Driving*

Fear of driving is common and ranges in severity from being hesitant to drive, to being so fearful that to drive at all is not possible. A phobia of this nature is a fear that can simply makes a person paralyzed. As is the case with anxiety in general, a fear of driving can be helped through hypnotic suggestions. Over time these suggestions can help to reprogram the negative thoughts that trigger driving fears by getting to the core of the fears. Over time self-hypnosis can also help to get to the root of your fear and can help you to respond differently to the negative thoughts associated with driving.


Hypnosis can help you to change your response to driving from fear to a sense of calm. It targets your subconscious mind and can help you to learn new and different ways to come up with more positive thoughts where driving is concerned.

Fear of Flying*

One of the keys to overcoming your fear is relaxation. Hypnosis aims to teach you relaxation skills that can become automatic when practiced over time. And you can do this for yourself as self-hypnosis is a skill you can learn which can help you to create your own calm, focused state of awareness whenever you need to draw upon it.


Hypnosis can help you to learn a new pattern of behavior. In the past, you may have dreaded flying or even boarding a plane - in the future you may find that you can simply relax and start to enjoy the freedom of flying. Although hypnosis won't instantly rectify your fear of flying, many successful clients would agree it could be an important part of gaining the freedom to fly with less stress and fear. Now all you have to do is dream of where you want to fly?

*No guarantee of specific results and individual results may vary.

Hypnosis for PTSD*

Post traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, is an anxiety disorder that can occur after someone has lived through a traumatizing event. PTSD sufferers experience serious symptoms and those symptoms can lead to a greatly reduced quality of life. In extreme cases PTSD symptoms can even take the form of violent acts against one's self or others.


Unfortunately, time does not heal all wounds. Some of the events we experience are simply too traumatic to recover from without help. Hypnosis can help to relieve PTSD symptoms and is an alternative therapy used by many people to improve their well being over time. Hypnotherapy can help you to have more control over the symptoms and reduce recurring negative thoughts related to the traumatic event.

Hypnosis for Pain*

Pain that lasts longer than six month is called "chronic pain" which is very dangerous to your physical and mental health if untreated. Chronic pain problems can stem anywhere from chronic headaches, joint and muscle pain, arthritis, and more. Hypnosis can help to mange various types of chronic pain and has been used as an alternative solution for those suffering from chronic pain.


Hypnosis is an all natural process that can help clients to slip into a relaxed state of mind and help them to better manage the root cause of pain. If you or anyone you know is suffering from chronic pain, hypnotherapy maybe a worthy of consideration.

*No guarantee of specific results and individual results may vary.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • WHY Hypnosis*?

    Because in hypnosis you access your subconscious, the suggestible more powerful part of your mind where real, lasting change takes place. You may have heard it said that we only use 10% of our brain; hypnosis is a way to get access to that other 90% . Especially in habit and pain control, this relieves any internal battle that may occur.

  • What if I can’t be hypnotized*?

    Although some researchers and clinicians claim that some people are not able to be hypnotized, everyone has the ability to be hypnotized because it’s a natural, normal state that each of us enter at least twice each day – upon awakening and falling asleep. We also enter a hypnotic state whenever we get totally engrossed in a movie or TV show. When the actors become the characters they portray in our minds, we are hypnotized. Also, whenever we are driving and daydreaming enough to miss a turn or freeway exit we know to take, we probably were experiencing a light state of hypnosis.


    There may be those people that have this misconception because of an unsuccessful experience they've had with a hypnotist.  People are responsive to different approaches, and if a particular approach has not been successful in the past, it's a matter of finding the way that works best for them.

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  • Will I remember everything that happens in hypnosis*?

    Yes, you will remember everything that happens in hypnosis if that is your desire. Occasionally a person might choose to selectively forget certain facts for a time and then bring them up later when they are more ready.

  • Could I get stuck in hypnosis*?

    There is no danger of a person failing to come out of the hypnotic state. In fact it would be impossible to remain hypnotized. Some people choose to stay in trance a little longer because it feels so good and it’s the most relaxed they’ve been in their lives!

  • Can you be hypnotized to do things against your will?

    The hypnotist is merely a guide or facilitator and he/she cannot “make” you do anything against your will. During a hypnosis session, you to totally aware of everything that is going on and if you don’t like where the hypnotist is guiding you, you have the power to reject the suggestions.

  • How do I schedule a session and what should I expect?

    Every effort is made to provide a prospective client with a session date and time that best fits their schedule. Evening and weekend appointments are available pending availability.


    We encourage each client to complete a confidential intake form and email it directly to clinical Hypnotist Daniel Rose at nj1hypnotist@aol.com with dates and times that work best for a 2+ hr session or no fee 15 minute phone or in-person consultation. The intake form prepares Daniel for your session and it is also of great help to you. As you respond to the questions, you will gain a better understanding of your relationship to the situation you wish to change, your motivation for changing it and can help you to begin the change process before your appointment or consultation.


    During your session you will learn and practice “self hypnosis*.” Self hypnosis compliments your session and can help you achieve your goals because it involves mental practice. There is no faster or easier method for eliminating habits or changing behaviors than mental practice through self hypnosis.


    We strongly encourage clients to practice self hypnosis following their session. Hypnotist Daniel Rose and his staff will be available by phone post-session should you have any questions or any further issues you wish to discuss.

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*No guarantee of specific results and individual results may vary.

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